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Salle a Mazoo Fencing: Gull Lake Division





Dan Rey

Dan Harris

Mr. Frank

Current Members:
None, for now...

Gull Lake Fencing Information

  • This fencing club is restricted to GL students only.
  • The Gull Lake Division is not a school santioned sport, and therefore Gull Lake Community Schools holds NO LIABILITY for injury or stolen equipment, etc.
  • The class lasts approximatly one hour and is free of charge. No experience or equipment is necissary.
  • After students have the basics of fencing, they will have the option of fencing after the class is out (free bouting/free fencing).
  • After approximatly 8 classes (two months) of training, the students will be moved on to the Salle a Mazoo club based in Kalamazoo, but will have the option of fencing at Gull Lake every Friday after the classes are out.
  • Those serious about fencing are recommended to get their own equipment, but they are not obligated to do so.
  • Other information can be obtained by emialing

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Salle a Mazoo Fencing Club: Kalamazoo, Michigan